Weightloss mindset support by Vanessa McLennan
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Here's what you can achieve with the right weightloss mindset support:

  • Switch your mindset so you can ditch the diets without fear of putting on weight

  • Change your patterns of eating so you can eat food you enjoy without the guilt

  • Get to the root cause of your eating so you can stop the diet-binge-guilt cycle for good

  • Rediscover a joy for food and create a better relationship with your inner child

You don't have to do this alone

I offer you continued weightloss mindset support through any challenges that might come up on your weight loss journey so that you can lose the weight and keep it off for good this time.

Taking the first step can sometimes be the hardest. I understand.

So, to make it easier for you, to begin with let's just have an initial meeting together, either face to face or over the phone. Here we can discuss what you would like to achieve and some of the challenges you've had in the past.

This gives you the opportunity to ask what you need to and ensure that I am the best person to support you on your journey to a diet free life.

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Let me help you become diet free forever

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One to One Therapy and Weightloss Mindset Support

I'm here to facilitate the process of healing for you. To enable you to have a healthy relationship with your body and your inner child.

Having a healthy body that you love is much more than just diet. Together I can show you how to tap into the mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck in the dieting merry-go-round pattern and support you to:

  • Utilise your inner power to find the right weight loss solution

  • Make the commitment for long lasting change

  • Change your relationship with food and with yourself

  • Discover how to have fun with food again

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Here's everything you'll receive from me through weightloss mindset support:

  • The initial consultation is free so you can ask as many questions as you need and feel comfortable with your decision (30 mins, either in person or face to face online)

  • Weekly 55 minute sessions together (via phone or face to face online) tailored to exactly what you need to overcome any blocks on your journey

  • Two personalised hypnotherapy recordings for you to listen to between sessions

  • My full support provided with both empathy and compassion and a safe space where you can share anything without fear of judgment or shame

  • Professional coaching from a certified specialist using methods proven to succeed

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Vanessa McLennan is the mindset behind weightloss expert

Let me help you be diet free forever

Your first consultation is free to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you'd like to ensure you feel comfortable working together

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This isn't for you if you're:

  • Looking for a quick short term fix

  • Wanting someone else to fix you (You’re not broken to fix)

  • Not prepared to look within to help yourself heal

  • Wanting to stay in the vicious dieting cycle

Weightloss mindset support works
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Answers to your questions

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