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5 big dieting mistakes (Don't do this if you want to lose weight)

When going on a diet sometimes we don’t know where to start. You might have been on a diet and making these diet mistakes and not realising that they are holding you back. You might not be losing weight as quick as you like because of these dieting mistakes. So in this video I’ll help you with ways to help you quit making these diet mistakes.

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The dark side of weightloss that no one tells you about.

We all think our weight loss journey is going to be easy and straightforward. Go on a diet and hey, you have weight loss success, unfortunately that is not always the case. We don't count on the psychological setbacks, the hurdles and the many other obstacles that I mention in this video.

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How to stop sabotaging my diet and weightloss journey.

Do you find yourself self sabotaging and sabotaging your diet? Would you like to keep on your weightloss journey? When we sabotage our diets we then feel bad and our diets go out of the window. In this video I will be talking about why we self sabotage and more importantly what you can do to stop.

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Do you want tips on mindful eating?

My video is about how to start and what you can do with mindful eating.

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A guided meditation to stop emotional eating

What can you do to stop emotional eating? In this guided meditation it will help you to recognise when you are emotionally eating, why you are emotionally eating and helping you to manage your emotions. This will also help with binge eating and overeating. This will help you to stop emotional eating.

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Easy mind hacks for simple weight loss

In this video I will be giving you some mindset tips for weightloss. How you can get a positive mindset for weightloss and the mindset for weightloss needed. I will also be talking about how to change your mindset for weightloss and how to get into the right weightloss mindset.

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How to change my bad eating habits (for weight loss)

Do you find yourself binge eating? Or you just can’t stop eating? Once you start eating food, you find you just can’t stop. Maybe you want to get healthy, you want to lose weight but this overeating is stopping your weightloss. Today I am giving you a few tricks on how you can stop your overeating.

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Why not to lose weight for this valentines day

Are you on a weight loss journey and on a mission to lose weight? Maybe this Valentines day is an incentive to lose weight, but in this video I am saying don’t lose weight for this valentines day? Find out why. If you want to improve your weight loss motivation and step away from the diet cycle, watch here for some tips.

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Learn to love yourself this Valentines Day (for Weightloss)

You want to lose weight this valentines day? How does then loving yourself relate to weight loss? Watch this video and I will show how important self love is to weight loss, how it improves your confidence and how it will help you with your fitness and health in general.

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10 easy steps to lose weight effortlessly

Do you want to lose weight effortlessly? Would you like to stop the diet cycle and lose weight fast? Keep watching if you would like to improve your health, your fitness and nutrition. Here are my top 10 tips so you can lose weight easily. I will tell you how to lose weight, weight loss easily. Eat good sources of fat, lots of fruit and vegetables.

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How to heal your inner child for weightloss

Are you ready for weight loss? Are you ready to explore inner child love, self love and more so, healing, doing some inner child work and inner child healing? Maybe you’ve tried hypnotherapy and read up on the psychology of eating and want to explore how healing the inner child can help with your weight loss. In this video, I will talk about where emotional eating comes from and how you can start healing childhood trauma.

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Stop dieting and start intuitive eating now for weightloss

Stop dieting now and start intuitive eating for weightloss. How is intuitive eating going to help you to lose weight? In this video I am going to talk about intuitive eating principles, give you an intuitive eating definition, how to start intuitive eating and how it can help you to lose weight. It can help with weight loss motivation and ditching that diet once and for all.

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